You’ve Been Lied to About Wealth Your Entire Life...


From: The Desk of Robert Kiyosaki
Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Friend,

“...When exactly were you BRAINWASHED into believing that the best way to earn a living is to have a job?”

I recently read that in a piece written by famous author Seth Godin.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Most of us were taught from a very young age to go to school, get a job, and work for someone else. Then, we’re supposed to retire at 65, and just barely have enough money in the bank to live on.

But - that doesn't sound like “The American Dream” to me… sounds like a nightmare.

To be honest, I’ve been pushing back against this idea FOR DECADES.

Seth Godin really nailed it when he said that we’ve been “brainwashed!” Think about it - a “JOB” (for most) really just means…

...Just Over Broke.

Which brings me to my next point...


You’ll Never Get Rich Working

All of this is by design.

It’s not an accident that the wealthy keep getting wealthier while the poor stay poor.

Society has trained you to think that having a “job” is the only way to keep a roof over your head. When in reality, having a job is what keeps most people poor!

When you spend all of your time working a job, all you’re doing is making someone else rich (your company).

You’ll never become rich working a regular job.

Really, you won’t.

But like many people, it’s just something you do anyway. You don't even think about it. That’s because you’ve actually been conditioned to NOT think about it.

You just get a job, go to work & come home.

All the while in the back of your mind wondering why you’re barely able to
pay your bills.

Because you know there’s something more out there.

Maybe you have this sneaking suspicion that you’re missing something. That deep down that the whole “job thing” is a big sham…

...and, you’re right.

Society Has Trained You to Think This Way


Maybe you’re caught in the rat race of employment RIGHT NOW and want a way out.

Well, you’re not alone!

In recent studies by HomeServe USA & MetLife (2017) they discovered:

  • 50% of people are woefully unprepared for a financial emergency...
  • Nearly 1 in 5 Americans (19 percent) have nothing set aside to cover an unexpected emergency...
  • Nearly 1 in 3 Americans (31 percent) don’t have at least $500 set aside to cover an unexpected emergency expense...
  • 49 percent of employees are “concerned, anxious or fearful about their current financial well-being.”

Sound familiar?

It’s all because the overwhelming majority of us weren’t taught how to be financially intelligent early on. Society keeps people in poverty on purpose (because people who are dependent on the system are easy to control).

This is why people all over the world are STRUGGLING to survive while the rich make money automatically.

Again, it’s not your fault...

  • Society doesn’t teach us to work smart - it tells us to work HARD!
  • Society doesn’t teach us how to think, it tells us WHAT to think…
  • Society doesn’t teach us about real world stuff like taxes, leveraging debt, and investing. It teaches us to rack up unsecured debt and rely on the government
    to save us...
  • Society tells us to live above our means, have bloated car payments, and buy houses we can BARELY afford...

But there’s a better way to live…

And I’m going to show it to you!


To Live Like the Top 1% - You Have to Do What They Do

Think about it… you think the richest people on earth got rich because they put in 40 hours a week for someone else?


They took a different path.

Because they know things about money that most people don’t.

You see, there are secrets to wealth that every multi-millionaire on earth knows. And it’s these secrets that keep them wealthy (and everyone else poor):

  • They call their own shots...
  • They own their own schedules!
  • They answer to nobody...

I’m telling you, that once you free your mind from the lies you’ve believed about money your entire life… can become wealthy too.

It’s not impossible. You just need a guide to get you there.

So, if you’re struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month - maybe it’s not your fault. The wealthiest people in the world have literally been hiding their secrets from you

...until now.

What I’ve Learned After 44 Years, 26 Books, and $80 Million

My financial education took a huge leap forward in the 1970’s.

Since then I’ve written 26 books and have amassed a net worth of $80 million.

I don't say this to brag - but to show you that regular people can create real wealth. I wasn’t born this way. I used to be like you.

Going from job to job, working for other people, all while watching others get rich.

I even worked as a Xerox salesman!

I was trying EVERYTHING but nothing worked. Then one day I decided to take a big risk that would end up changing my life forever.

In 1973 I signed up for a weekend course on “Real Estate Investing.” It cost me $385. And back then, I could barely afford it.

But I’m glad I went because that’s when I had a breakthrough.

I tapped into a secret system that the rich have known about for generations. As I learned more and more - I finally started to create real wealth.

You see, I’ve mastered something called…


This is the PRACTICAL education you DON’T GET in school

  • The stuff that can make someone millions but isn’t taught in a classroom…
  • The stuff you learn in business meetings, not class projects…
  • The stuff that can "unlock" your mind to a whole new realm of possibility
  • The stuff that can help you ESCAPE the J.O.B.!
  • The stuff that can help you stop relying on credit cards & loans from family

Because let's be honest- what you’re doing isn't working...

...if it was, you wouldn't be reading this.


Introducing The 5 Money Rules The Secrets to Wealth That the Rich Have Mastered

I know what it’s like to struggle financially.

It stinks! I’ve been there, trust me. So I’m offering you a way out. Over the past several decades I’ve learned A LOT about:

  • Creating Wealth...
  • The Real Estate Market...
  • Leveraging Debt...
  • Investing...
  • Entrepreneurship...
  • The Tax System...
  • Money…
  • Business...

And the one thing I found that is true everywhere? It’s that the rich don't get rich on accident…

...they have a system.

So I put together a mini-course called “The 5 Money Rules.” In the course, I show you how society is hellbent on keeping you poor and how you can beat it.

And I’m making it available to you for only $7.

That’s less than a fancy drink cost at the coffee shop. I’m selling the course at such a low price because I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

But the price won't be so low forever (eventually I’ll raise it).

But, for now - $7 is what it costs to get you the information I’ve learned over the past 44 years. It’s all there, in one course…

...a complete Financial Education!

The 5 Money Rules for Becoming Incredibly Wealthy Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get in the Course...

First of all, this course isn't a bunch of fluff.

It's highly detailed information that I’ve gathered over the past 40+ years. In the course, I actually SHOW YOU in incredible detail how to create, grow, and sustain wealth.

I’m talking real wealth (that you can touch, taste, and feel)!

It’s not hype or self-help stuff either.

This is high-level secret information that’s been kept from you intentionally. This is the information that's going to connect all the dots and help you break free from your situation and become rich.

When you pay the $7 it’s like getting personal access to my brain.

Everything I’ve learned that’s helped me achieve a net worth of $80 Million.

I held nothing back on this one...’s all yours.


Here Are the 5 Money Rules...

Rule #1 : Protect Your Money

This is about keeping what you already have safe. You’ll see why you need to understand taxes, how to move from earn-tax-spend to earn-spend-tax, and what rich people know about taxes
that you don’t.

Rule #2 : Do More With Less

This is where you start to see the real secrets. You’ll discover how to use OPM (other people’s money) and OPT (other people's time) to your advantage. I show you how to leverage debt, and why your “financial intelligence” level will determine if you’re rich or make you poor.

Rule #3 : Entrepreneurship is a Great Way to Create Wealth

This is where I show you why you need to start your own business. You’ll learn about the types & traits of successful entrepreneurs, and discover EVERYTHING you need to know before starting your first business. I call this the “fast-track” module!

Rule #4 : Make Your Money Work for You

Now that you know how to become wealthy, you need to multiply what you have! I’ll show you how to grow wealth while keeping it safe. This is how I grew my own empire quickly. You’ll see why real estate is a great investment, how to get started in real estate, and how you can do it all with little to no cash on hand.

Rule #5 : Build a Team

Few people make it alone (we all need mentors). In this section, you’ll learn how to find great mentors and build an all-star team of financial planners, brokers, accountant, and lawyers. You're only as strong as the team around you - and I’ll show you how to build one.

I Built This Course for One Reason...

The one reason:

I’m sick of seeing good people get screwed.

This is my shot at giving away everything I know about wealth for a price anyone can afford. I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve been lied to. So, I’m pulling back the curtains and giving you my insider blueprint to long-term wealth.

The secrets of the wealthy are yours to take!

Now, I have to pay my team for building out the course and helping me put it all together. So naturally, there’s a cost. But, (for now) that cost is only $7 because I want to get this out to everyone.

I know I won’t be around forever.

So, I want to pass my knowledge on to the next generation. My hope is that it will help millions of people escape the system and become independently wealthy.

That's why I made The 5 Money Rules. So, what are you waiting for?

Here’s your golden ticket:


There’s No Catch (But There Are Bonuses)...

There’s absolutely no catch or trick here.
The full course is only $7.
That’s it.

But - I’ve also put together some bonus content to go along with it. Not only will you get an inside look at the secrets that wealthy people have kept from you, you’ll also get these 5 bonuses:

  • BONUS #1

    7 Great Offline Business Opportunities

    Great business opportunities don't only exist online. There are several highly profitable and growing industries in the physical world as well. In this bonus you’ll discover the 7 real-world industries that are exploding with opportunity, easy to break into, and very lucrative. Get over 75 specific business ideas!

  • BONUS #2

    7 Great Online Business Opportunities

    You don’t need a lot of money or have to take a ton of risk to start a business. Many online businesses are low-cost and easy to start. In this bonus, we’ll show you 7 industries you can jump into right-away. These aren’t just for "techies" either. Anyone who knows how to use the internet can implement these "done-for-you" business ideas immediately.

  • BONUS #3

    Rich Dad's Favorite Books

    No matter where you are on your journey, you should NEVER stop learning. So I made it easy for you. These are the books we recommend reading to help you live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. Some are books that we’ve published. Some are books that the Rich Dad team revisits often to reinforce our own financial intelligence. Get our "Top 50" list and level-up fast!

  • BONUS #4

    100 Entrepreneur Resources

    This is our go-to list of the top 100 online resources for entrepreneurs. No figuring out required. If you need something done this list will show you where to get it! Having this in your arsenal will save you time, money & even reduce stress. Whether you need a website, graphic design, a communication tool, or a resource to help you track productivity - we got you covered!

I’m giving you the secrets that people all over the world use to build & KEEP wealth.

All for $7.

My promise - if you follow the 5 Money Rules religiously, you will become wealthy...

...even if you're DEAD BROKE right now.

Get in Before Everyone Else Does Here’s Exactly What to Do Next...

This course reveals all the secrets of the wealthy.

I'm giving you everything you need to know to:

  • Become wealthy!
  • Stay wealthy (this is what most people screw up)...
  • Finally recognize the truth about money!

Now’s the time to take action.

You can get instant access to the 5 Money Rules for less than it costs to get two gallons of gas.

You literally just pay $7 and get in right away.

This is the information you know you’ve been missing. The 5 Money Rules will change your life and bank account forever.

All you need to do is take action...


I know you’ll be glad you made this decision and I can’t wait to read your success story
one day!

To your success,

Description: robert.png

Description: robert.png
Robert Kiyosaki
Founder & CEO
Rich Dad Company

P.S. My no questions asked guarantee...

If you buy my course, do what I say, and absolutely hate it, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

That’s how confident I am in what I’m offering. I didn’t build several multi-million dollar businesses on accident. I put in the time, made wise choices, and now I’m offering you everything I’ve learned on a silver platter.

P.P.S. If you want to take your financial education seriously,
I also have a Master Course...

Because I can’t cover EVERYTHING in the course and bonuses alone, I’m also offering an optional 14-day Money Master Course. This course provides ongoing training along with hot new content each week on the topic of the month.

Here’s what the first month of Money Masters looks like:

Month #1: Email Marketing Mastery:
Discover How to Leverage the Incredible Power of Email Marketing...

  • Week 1 Special Report!
    “How to Build a 6-7 Figure Email Marketing Business.”
  • Week 2 Essential Books...
    “Expert Books to Help You Become an Email Marketing Master”
  • Week 3 Expert Audio Interview...
    “How Anik Singal Has Used Email to Sell Over $120M Online!”
  • Week 4 Essential Resources...
    “Every Single Resource Needed to Build Your Email Business.”

You’ll see an option for the 14-Day course after you pay the $7. It’s totally up to you. I’ll see you on the other side!